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Mid-Kaweah Water Market Pilot

What is the Mid-Kaweah Water Market Pilot?

The Mid-Kaweah Water Market Pilot (Pilot) is a program designed to give agricultural water users greater flexibility under the current Mid-Kaweah GSA allocation system. The Pilot specifically allows: 

  • An individual to purchase additional allocation to avoid paying penalties or to accumulate groundwater credits that may be carried over to a future year,

  • An individual with unused allocation to sell up to 10 inches per acre of allocation to another water user.

The Pilot consists of two auctions: one running from May 16 to May 24 (5 pm PDT) and another running from May 30 to June 14 (5pm PDT).

How did this initiative start?

Development of the Pilot was guided by the eleven member Kaweah Subbasin Water Marketing Strategy Committee, comprised of representatives of the three Kaweah Subbabin GSAs as well as stakeholders representing agriculture, cities, disadvantaged communities, and the environment. The Pilot is designed to test specific market rules and operating mechanisms to inform the design of the broader water marketing strategy which will be available for adoption by all three Kaweah Subbasin GSAs.

For more information on the Kaweah Subbasin Water Marketing Strategy, visit 

Who can participate in the pilot?

Any landowner in the Mid-Kaweah GSA who holds allocation and is in compliance with all GSA ordinances, rules, and regulations may enroll in the Pilot. 

How do you participate in the Market?

In order to participate in the Pilot, a landowner must:

  1. Register for the Kaweah Water Dashboard [] and call Mid-Kaweah GSA (559-686-3425) with the water account number you've received invoices from (EX. WA0000997).

  2. Complete a Water Market Participation Agreement and agree to abide by the Pilot Rules & Regulations Link here

  3. Register for the required water exchange software  (Website Link:

To assist landowners to participate in the Pilot, the Mid-Kaweah GSA is hosting landowner workshops on May 16 and June 4. The workshops will guide landowners to register for the Kaweah Water Dashboard, complete the Water Market Participation, and learn how to use the water exchange software.


What is the Kaweah Water Dashboard?

The Kaweah Water Dashboard is a water supply allocation and accounting website. The Dashboard [] provides users with a view of their available water supply and usage. Kaweah Subbasin GSAs utilize the Dashboard to issue invoices to landowners based on usage consistent with the Water Accounting Framework adopted by the Kaweah Subbasin GSAs.

With Water Market Questions, Contact H2O Markets - Matthew Fienup

With General Questions, Contact Mid-Kaweah GSA - Diana Zegarra


Mid-Kaweah Water Market Pilot Overview

Mid-Kaweah Water Market Pilot Workshops

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