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Board and Committee

Mid-Kaweah GSA Board of Directors

The Mid-Kaweah GSA was established on Sept. 14, 2015, through execution of the Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Subbasin Joint Powers Authority (JPA) between the City of Visalia, the City of Tulare (including its Board of Public Utilities Commissioners), and Tulare Irrigation District. The agency is led by a six-member Board of Directors comprised of two representatives each of the three local public agencies (California Water Code §10721(n)) accountable for development and implementation of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan pursuant to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014.  As required by the JPA, each director is a publicly elected officer of the founding agency and is appointed to serve by their respective legislative body.

Download: Joint Powers Agreement of the Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Subbasin Joint Powers Authority

Board Member

Dave Martin

Tulare Irrigation District

Director - Division 2

Board Member

Liz Wynn

City of Visalia

Council Member


Steven Nelsen

City of Visalia

Council Member

Board Member

Dennis A. Mederos

City of Tulare

Council Member

Board Member

Dave Bixler

Tulare Irrigation District

Director - Division 5

Vice Chair

Blake Wilbur

Tulare Board of Public Utilities


Mid-Kaweah GSA Advisory Committee

The Mid-Kaweah GSA Advisory Committee is an 11-member standing committee appointed by the agency’s Board of Directors. The Committee's role is to provide input on technical studies and to function as a stakeholder outreach forum to foster active public participation in the Mid-Kaweah GSA. Members of the Advisory Committee apply to serve up to three, 3-year terms, which is renewable by a board vote. Applicants must be residents or individuals associated with a business within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Mid-Kaweah GSA. The Board seeks to appoint a panel comprised of up to three members representing the agricultural community; up to three members representing governmental organizations operating within the GSA; up to three members representing environmental interests and/or disadvantaged communities; and the remainder appointed at-large.

Advisory Committee Members:

  • Eric Correia, Agriculture, Tulare

  • Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel, At-Large, Tulare

  • Lee Johnson, At-Large, Visalia

  • Richard Garcia, Environmental, Visalia

  • Jessi Snyder, Disadvantaged Communities, Visalia

  • Joe Machado, Disadvantaged Communities

  • Robert Saenz, Agriculture

  • Aaron Oliver, At-Large, Visalia

  • Jordan Leal, Agriculture

  • Greg Collins, Environmental

  • Vacant, At-Large, Cal. Water Service

If you wish to apply to a vacancy, you may prepare a Application for Appointment to the MKGSA Advisory Committee

As with the Board of Directors, all meetings of the Mid-Kaweah GSA Advisory Committee are held consistent with the Brown Act. 

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