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Mid-Kaweah GSA Groundwater Sustainability Plan

The public review period for the Agency's draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan closed 11:59 p.m., Sept. 16, 2019.  The comment period opened July 31, 2019. All written comments received during this period are provided below. The draft Plan and its related appendices are also included here as Adobe PDF files for viewing and printing. Printed copies for on-site review are housed at the Tulare County Library, 200 W. Oak Ave., Visalia; the City of Tulare Library, 475 N. M St., Tulare; and Tulare irrigation District, 6826 Avenue 240, Tulare.

Written comments were accepted as follows:

U.S. Mail:

MKGSA Groundwater Sustainability Plan Public Comments

c/o Tulare Irrigation District

P.O. Box 1920

Tulare, CA  93275




All Comments (28MB)

Comment-Response Database, 11/7/2019

Public Review Draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan (July 31, 2019) (9.4MB)

Section 1 Appendices (3.5MB)

  • 1A Letter of Intent to Form GSAs

  • 1B Mid-Kaweah Joint Powers Agreement; First Amendment to Mid-Kaweah Joint Powers Agreement

  • 1C Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency Communication and Engagement Plan

  • 1D Kaweah Subbasin Memorandum of Understanding

  • 1E DWR Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Guidance Document


Section 2 Appendices

  • 2A Kaweah Subbasin Basin Setting Components

  • 2B Appendices (4.3MB)

    • 2Ba Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model Best Management Practices

    • 2Bb Water Budget Best Management Practices

    • 2Bc Resource Guide Climate Change Data and Guidance


Section 3 Appendices (3.2MB)

  • 3A State Water Resources Control Board Water Quality Goals Compilation

  • 3B Sustainable Management Criteria Best Management Practices


Section 4 Appendices (15.8MB)

  • 4A 2019 First Semiannual Groundwater Monitoring Report, Visalia Water Conservation Plant

  • 4B Tulare Irrigation District Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Plan

  • 4C Water Quality Monitoring Schedule

  • 4Da Monitoring Protocols, Standards, and Sites Best Management Practices

  • 4Db Monitoring Networks and Identification of Data Gaps Best Management Practices


Section 5 Appendices (4.6MB)

  • 5A Overview of Application of Hydrogeologic Zones for Development of

  • Groundwater Level Minimum Thresholds

  • 5B Groundwater Level Sustainable Management Criteria Hydrographs

  • 5C Well Impact Analysis Hydrographs

  • 5D Water Storage Additions – An Alternative Approach


Section 7 Appendices (21 MB)

  • 7A Groundwater Recharge Capacity Evaluation Phase III: Hydrogeologic Investigations to Maximize Recharge Capacity

  • 7B Integration of InSAR with Airborne Geophysical Data for the Development of Groundwater Models

  • 7C Hydrogeologic Framework of Selected Areas of the Kaweah Sub-Basin Region in Tulare and Kings Counties, California

  • 7D Tulare Irrigation District System Optimization Review Study Report

  • 7E Appendix Y.1 – Y.4 Recharge Project Data

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