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Intra-basin Coordination

Consistent with § 357.2 of the Final GSP Emergency Regulations released by the California Department of Water Resources, the Mid-Kaweah GSA participates in multi-agency meetings focused on addressing key sustainable groundwater management planning activities for the subbasin.  This intra-basin coordination activity currently includes the Kaweah Subbasin Management Team, a nine-member panel established through execution of a memorandum of understanding between the three GSAs in the Kaweah Subbasin.

The Management Team's function is to coordinate subbasin-wide planning activities necessary to achieve compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. In accordance with the MOU, the culmination of these activities will be a SGMA-mandated Coordination Agreement among the three GSAs in the subbasin.  Management Team meetings are held month and open to the public. Convener responsibilities for meetings are rotated between the member agencies, with meeting minute and other custodian tasks assigned to Mid-Kaweah GSA.  

Download: Kaweah Subbasin Management Team Memorandum of Understanding

Kaweah Subbasin Management Team Members:

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